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Villa Cesare is a first class banquet facility, having served Northwest Indiana for nearly 30 years. Since our opening in 1989, we have built and maintained a stellar reputation for providing exceptional customer service along with high quality dining. We have hosted thousands of ceremonies and receptions over the years, and we have recently expanded to become a performing arts and concert destination as well. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated in supporting all of our clients, ensuring a stress free booking experience. With these highly trained professionals walking clients through each step of the event process, experiences are guaranteed to be nothing short of spectacular!

As you enter the Villa, you will be delightfully pleased and astounded with the foyer and its elegant European decor. It is not unusual to find guests sitting in the foyer after dinner visiting with friends and enjoying the warm and wonderful atmosphere. From the plush, beautifully arranged seating to the Italian paintings on the wall, one feels the warmth, luxury and elegance of the facility. Feel welcome to view our photo gallery to appreciate the beauty.

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