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Summary of Responsibilities:


  • Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service

  • Follow policies, procedures and service standards

  • Follow all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverage

  • Ability to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment

  • Ability to work cohesively as part of a team

  • Ability to focus attention on guest needs, remaining calm and courteous at all times

  • Communicating guest needs to management

  • Maintaining a clean work and dining area by removing trash, cleaning tables, and washing glasses, utensils, and equipment.

  • Maintain high standards of hygiene and dress professionally, black on black attire


Policies, Procedures and Service Standards


  • Ice down the bar and leave (2) back up tubs full of ice under the sinks. Continue to check the ice supply for the bar and re-stock it as needed.

  • Light any centerpieces with candles 15 minutes prior to the guest’s arrival time.

  • Any soda or iced tea carafes must be placed on the tables prior to the guest’s arrival

  • Continuously check your room and the hallways outside of your room for empty glasses and rubbish.

  • Hourly restroom checks must be conducted (according to your gender)

  • Check the front and rear smoking areas, during and after event, to retrieve any glasses and pick up trash

  • When the event is finished, return all glassware to the bar area. Wash all glasses and put back into stock. Run any remaining glasses through the dishwasher if the bar is closed.

  • All linens should be taken from all tables and placed in the linen bins and left in the center hall when you have finished. Any skirting that you take off should remain on top of the table it came from so it can be checked and put away by the catering staff.

  • The garbage from each bar area and from your final clear should be taken out and placed in the dumpster before you leave. The empty garbage cans should be rinsed out in the back sanitary sink with the hose, emptied and left to dry in the area they came from.

  • Once your room has been completed fully, help anyone else that is still working on clearing their room.

  • Remember to sign out when you are finished for the evening.

  • No food or eating behind the bar

  • All breaks must be approved by the manager, and no more than one person at a time

  • Use of cell phones are prohibited in bar area

  • Manager must inspect your area before you leave


Physical Aspects of Position (include but are not limited to):

  • Constant standing and walking throughout shift

  • Frequent lifting and carrying up to 25 lbs

  • Occasional kneeling, pushing and pulling

  • Occasional ascending or descending ladders, stairs and ramps

  • Basic math and computer skills

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